Theft charges could leave you facing a felony: Fight back

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2020 | Criminal Law

Living in Georgia, you really enjoy everything that you have to do around you. You have shops nearby and wonderful neighbors who invite you to activities and events. You have always felt like you belong here, but when you were accused of stealing from your neighbor’s property, that feeling quickly dissolved.

According to your neighbor, you were at her house when one of her jewelry boxes went missing. That box was full of high-end jewelry and name brand pieces that she claims she can’t find. In total, she believes around $10,000 worth of jewelry has gone missing.

There is no significant evidence to prove that you stole the jewelry except for the fact that you were in the home and that you had been left alone for a short time to go to the restroom. She alleges that you have the jewelry because you have a piece that was identical to hers. That item was a gift, and it’s from a popular store.

What should you do?

It can be very frustrating to be accused of stealing, especially when you know that you didn’t. If the property is valued as highly as she suggests and you end up with a conviction, you could face time in prison and a felony charge.

At this point, it is wise to speak with an attorney and to consider building a defense. While you can still try to work things out with your neighbor, you also want to start protecting yourself and may even want to start building your own case against your neighbor for the way she has treated you. Your attorney can help you build a strong defense, negotiate and work through this frustrating situation.