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At Tisdale Middleton & Land, our experienced lawyers have built a reputation for fearless and capable representation. We are trial attorneys who will put your interests first. Whether you need help with your divorce, business dispute, have been injured through medical malpractice or are facing criminal charges, the experienced trial attorneys at our firm can help you protect your legal rights and interests.

Strategic Family Law Solutions

While we have experience across a wide range of legal practice areas, a large focus of our firm is on family law matters, including divorce, child custody, adoption and alimony. Our family law attorneys know how to protect your interests and rights as you go through a difficult time.

We approach each case according to the needs and goals of the client. That means you will have a say in your legal matter. If you need tough, aggressive representation, we will be there to fight for you. If your main priority is to quickly resolve lingering matters of contention, we will find strategic solutions. If you simply need experienced guidance, we will be there to answer your questions and explore the various options available for you.

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