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Family Law

Our Family Law Attorneys Can Protect You

Minimizing conflict in divorce and other family law matters can be beneficial. Avoiding unproductive arguments and vitriol can save time and money. Especially when children are involved, maintaining a working relationship, at least until the divorce is through, can be important to a family’s well-being.

But equally important is the protection of your rights. Too often, we see individuals who have failed to obtain skilled representation suffer significant setbacks because they did not have a lawyer on their side who could protect their rights, both regarding their children and their finances.

While you may benefit from an alternative to a contested divorce, such as a collaborative divorce or an uncontested divorce, agreeing to something just to avoid conflict can be very harmful to your financial future and even your relationship with your children.

Now is the time to ensure you are aware of your rights, and the financial and emotional consequences of the legal options before you.

We Put Your Rights And Interests First

Let our knowledgeable family law attorneys guide you through your legal issue. We regularly represent clients in:

We are here to answer your questions and provide experienced guidance to you during a stressful time. Call 706-303-0734 to schedule an initial consultation at our office in Evans, Georgia. We represent clients throughout Augusta and surrounding areas.

We Are A Litigation Law Firm. We Fight For You.

The best strategy in any disputed legal matter is thorough preparation and a willingness to go to trial. From the beginning of your case, we prepare for trial. We use experienced appraisers to evaluate your business, if appropriate to your situation. We conduct thorough investigations of money and assets, so everyone comes to the table with knowledge of the financial stakes involved. We will argue your case persuasively and negotiate with your interests in mind. We will work hard to bring your matter to a fair settlement or resolution outside of court. If that is not possible, we will protect your rights through trial.

Call us today at 706-303-0734 to begin protecting your rights, or schedule your initial consultation here.