Common causes of second and third marriage failures

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2020 | Family Law

Unfortunately, half of all first marriages in Georgia and other U.S. states fail. While that percentage sounds bleak, many individuals who have gone through a divorce expect that their future marriages will be more successful. The reality is that second, and even third, marriages have an even larger chance of ending than first marriages do.

You would think that learning from mishaps from a first marriage would prepare someone for his or her next marriage. So what causes second and third marriages to fail? There are several roadblocks that could lead to the dissolution of a marriage.

One of the biggest causes of divorce is difficulties involving stepchildren. Kids from a previous marriage can easily make subsequent marriages more complicated. This is especially true whenever children hold on to the hope of their parents getting back together. It’s also not uncommon for a child to resent his or her parent’s new spouse.

Another issue that can easily complicate a new marriage is having to cooperate with exes. In a nutshell, the more people are a part of a blended family, the crazier the situation can be. Even if the exes are cooperative for the sake of sharing custody of the kids from previous marriages, trying to build a new life can feel incredibly difficult when having to share time with someone from the past.

Just as with first marriages, subsequent unions often come to an end because of financial matters. This issue can be an even bigger problem in second and third marriages when alimony and child support payments are required.

There are many reasons why marriages fail. As emotional as the process can be, sorting through important issues like child visitation, the division of assets and other matters can be even more complex. If you’re facing this situation, an attorney with experience in divorce cases may be able to assist.