Planning for divorce in Georgia

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2021 | Family Law

The decision to dissolve your marriage is not one to make on a whim. If you are considering a divorce, you should realize the ramifications that it will have on every aspect of your life. Before you consult an attorney or file any paperwork in Evans, Georgia, you should consider several factors.

How will you tell your spouse?

Every divorce is different in what causes it and how both parties react to it. You should carefully decide how you are going to tell your spouse that you are filing for a divorce. Trying to keep things amicable at the outset of your divorce can have a major impact on how the process goes.

Create a post-divorce budget

In all likelihood, a divorce is going to have a major impact on your personal finances. Even if you were the primary source of income in your marriage, the money that your spouse brings in is a key part to your budget. You should sit down and create a written budget that you will live by after the divorce to ensure that your personal finances won’t suffer too much.

Be prepared to stay single for a while

Some divorcees make the mistake of rushing into another relationship while still dealing with the mental and emotional stress of a divorce. Carrying that baggage into your next relationship will have a negative impact on it. It is also worth considering that many states consider infidelity when issuing final divorce decrees, so relationships that start before your divorce is final may have a negative impact on your divorce decree.

If you go over all of the ways that divorce will impact your life and still believe it is your best course of action, you should contact an attorney. This legal professional may help you begin the process and represent you in any mediation or litigation concerning your divorce.