Benefits of signing a prenuptial agreement before marriage

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2021 | Family Law

While the goal of marriage is to last a lifetime, this doesn’t always happen. If you and your partner get married in Georgia but things don’t work out as hoped, having a prenuptial agreement can help solve many legal issues that people deal with when separating from their spouse. Here are a few benefits you may receive if you decide to sign a prenuptial agreement before you get married.

Makes divorce easier

If you and your partner sign a prenuptial agreement, it will make the divorce process much less complicated. Many divorces are long processes that can take months if not years to settle. Couples disagreeing on important issues can cause lots of back and forth as well as thousands of dollars in legal and court fees. By deciding how your assets and property will get divided beforehand, you can save a lot of time and money.

Promotes honest conversation with future spouse

You and your partner will have to have an honest conversation about property, liabilities, finances and assets if you decide to sign a prenuptial agreement. This can be very beneficial to your overall marriage by being open and honest about these things from the start, so they don’t cause problems later in the relationship.

Protects your assets

Having a divorce attorney prepare a prenuptial agreement will ensure that your assets and finances get protected if you and your partner do decide to call it quits. If you make more money than the person you are getting married to, the divorce could cause you to lose a substantial amount of your wealth and savings. Ensuring that your assets get distributed fairly is a huge reason to seriously consider a prenup.

Prenuptial agreements used to be taboo but are slowly becoming more common as the number of millennials getting prenups has been steadily rising. If you have decided to sign a prenuptial agreement, contact a family law attorney to help you and your partner prepare the documents.