Common types of construction defects

On Behalf of | May 13, 2021 | Construction Litigation

Construction defects can have alarming, costly and even dangerous consequences. There are a number of different types of construction defects that are more commonplace in Georgia, including design defects, material deficiencies, construction deficiencies, and operational or mechanical defects.

Design defects

When considering elements of a project that might be consider defects pursuant to Georgia construction law, design defects occur with considerable frequency. An example of a design defect is an error made in a blueprint associated with a construction project. Design defects can also exist in regard to component parts incorporated into a structure.

Material deficiencies

Deficient building materials utilized in a construction project can also result in a claim based on construction defects. For example, defective wood or other building materials may have been incorporated into a property. This type of construction defect can have perilous consequences for a property. Rectifying this type of deficiency can be costly. Moreover, building material defects can render a structure unsafe.

Construction deficiencies

Historically known as poor or substandard workmanship, construction deficiencies are defects that arise from the actual work of contractors, subcontractors and others involved in a building project. As is the case with material deficiencies, construction deficiencies can have significant and even dire consequences.

Operational or mechanical defects

Finally, a common type of construction defect involves operational or mechanical issues. These types of defects run the gambit from malfunctioning HVAC systems to improperly installed water or sewer lines and an array of other similar types of issues.

Construction defects have the potential to impact significantly the value of a property. In some instances, legal action needs to be initiated to address construction defects in a residential, commercial or another type of structure.