An overview of implied consent

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2023 | Criminal Law

Drunk driving cases carry serious penalties, and you should not overlook any details of your case if you find yourself in court for this reason. Additionally, you should go over your rights as well as your obligations behind the wheel, even if you do not currently face charges.

For example, you should take a look at the Implied Consent Law in Georgia and understand how this law affects you. Many drivers have dealt with harsh consequences as a result of confusion over this law.

What is the Implied Consent Law?

The Georgia Department of Driver Services covers the Implied Consent Law in Georgia, which makes it a requirement for drivers to submit to chemical testing to find out if they had drugs or alcohol in their system while driving. After pulling you over, a law enforcement official must read an Implied Consent Notice and provide you with certain information.

What are the penalties for an Implied Consent violation?

According to the DDS, the state will suspend your driver’s license for no less than one year if you refuse to submit to testing. In addition, you cannot receive a limited driving permit if convicted of DUI. In addition to court-imposed penalties, this could carry over into many other facets of your life. For example, you could lose your job and your good standing in the community.

If you face drunk driving charges, it is pivotal to analyze the details of your case. Certain factors, such as the violation of your rights, could have a significant impact on the end result and your future.