Preparing your children to welcome another sibling via adoption

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2023 | Family Law

Adopting a child into your family can create a unique opportunity to teach your children about unconditional love. Preparing them to welcome another sibling via this route might improve acceptance.

Prior to making any concrete decisions about adoption, consider how this change will impact your biological children. Taking their feelings into account will help you anticipate their reactions.

Prioritize quality time

Your children will want to know that you still care about them and their needs. They will want to know that your plan to adopt does not mean you plan to replace them with someone else. To reiterate your love and concern, prioritize quality time. Read together, play outside together, complete school projects together and go out to eat together. These simple gestures may provide needed reassurance to your children and help them be more accepting of adoption.

Involve them in planning

Rarely will you meet someone who thinks adoption is a simple, fast and easy process. Oftentimes, it requires a lot of money, time and patience. In anticipation of the time it will take to complete this exciting process, think of ways to involve your children. They can help you prepare for a home study and set up a new bedroom room. They could even help put together a list of must-do activities once the adoption finalizes.

Talk about adjustment

Adoption will require adjustment. According to The Mayo Clinic, you will want to allow plenty of time for the adjustment phase after adoption. Depending on the age, upbringing and medical condition of the child you adopt, you might face an uphill battle during adjustment. Talk with your children about ways they can support their new sibling during this time.

You can also talk about ways to cope with change as a family. Preparing your children for the adoption of a sibling may improve everyone’s experience and make a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity something the whole family will always remember.