Preventing discriminatory hiring practices on construction jobs

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2023 | Construction Litigation

Discriminatory hiring practices can create hostility and diminish a contractor’s productivity and marketability. It could also result in serious legal repercussions for perpetrators of such treatment.

When construction companies understand the importance of diversity, they may have a more open mind about which applicants to accept.

Build awareness

Those tasked with hiring individuals for construction projects should receive adequate training. They should have a clear understanding of what discrimination looks like, as well as how to prevent it. Training can also include an explanation of the risks and consequences of discrimination to bring awareness to its seriousness.

Assess fairly

Assessments and tests prior to hiring new persons are strategies many construction companies use. However, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, contractors using these types of hiring tests must have proof of its relevance to the job in question. It is against the law for hiring tests to discriminate against anyone.

Review data

Preventing discrimination requires active engagement and regular review of policies. The U.S. Department of Labor suggests reviewing hiring data as a primary way to detect and prevent discrimination. A thorough assessment of all data can help pinpoint areas in the hiring process where improvements might provide applicants with an even more fair and less discriminatory experience.

There are incredible benefits to a diverse workforce. Construction companies that eliminate any discriminatory behaviors from their hiring practices might experience higher innovation, increased talent and rising profits. Non-discriminatory practices can also encourage sustainable relationships with reliable subcontractors that are more likely to return for future projects.