Your options when the contractor you hired is not reliable

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2023 | Construction Litigation

You had a vision of how you wanted your home renovations to go but working with your contractor has proven fruitless. Now your finances, comfort and sanity are at risk.

Knowing how to react in a situation where you can no longer rely on or trust the person you hired might help. The careful way you proceed can protect you from further problems.

Clarify expectations

Perhaps the disconnect you notice is simply a lapse in communication. Maybe your contractor forgot something you said. There is a chance a misunderstanding prevented things from turning out your way. Before you take any drastic measures, consider reaching out to your contractor to clarify expectations. Cordially explain your concerns and ask if both parties can revisit the contract to go over responsibilities.

Use leverage

Sometimes leverage can help motivate and encourage your contractor to return to the job. Never pay your contractor until the completion of a project. Withholding pay might give the contractor incentive to wrap things up. If a completed project initially looks good but then falls apart, you might be able to use a review of the job as leverage. Kindly let your contractor know that if the situation is not remedied in a timely manner, you will share your experience with other people.

Report experience

In serious cases, you might need to report your experience to local authorities. Sharing reviews on Google, the Better Business Bureau and even the contractor’s website may encourage a response in your favor. Looking forward, U.S. News suggests asking for personal references from trusted sources to find contractors.

You deserve an outcome that matches the one discussed in your agreement at the start of your project. Your diligence in advocating for that outcome can protect you from further problems.