What you should know if you want to adopt your stepchild

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2021 | Family Law

There are many reasons why Georgia stepparents might wish to adopt their stepchild. From providing emotional stability to the child to gaining legal protections that can include providing the child with insurance and a claim to inheritance, adopting a stepchild can be very important for everyone involved. Rules for stepparent adoption vary from state to state but there are some basic things you should know if you want to begin the process.


One of the most important aspects of stepparent adoption is consent. For the adoption to proceed, the other birth parent must relinquish their parental rights and give consent to the stepparent for the adoption. If that birth parent is not involved in the child’s life, the court might terminate their parental rights without their consent. In some cases, if the children are old enough, their consent to adoption might also be required. In those cases, the children would provide consent during their first court hearing.

Additional requirements

In some ways, stepparents seeking to adopt their stepchildren must follow a process similar to that of traditional adoptions. The requirements include:

  • Running background checks on the parent
  • Acquiring the consent of the other birth parent and the children, if necessary
  • Getting legal approval from the court to finalize the adoption

Additionally, a home study might be required. In traditional adoptions, this can be a lengthy process. However, with stepparent adoptions, the process might be shorter and in some cases, the process might be waived, as the child is already living in the same home as the stepparent and their birth parent.