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We Guide You Through The Adoption Process

Adoption is a joyous occasion that can unite a family and provide love and support for children, but the legal hurdles can be significant. At Tisdale Middleton & Land, our adoption attorneys have helped numerous clients become whole families through stepparent adoptions, relative adoptions, single parent adoptions, private adoptions and agency adoptions.

Our adoption attorneys can help you prepare for a home visit and file paperwork correctly. Because adoption can be a lengthy process, mistakes made in filing the appropriate forms can delay adoption significantly.

We will be with you throughout the process, providing experienced knowledge and guidance during what can be a stressful time.

Stepparent Adoptions

The first step in a stepparent adoption is for the biological parent to terminate his or her parental rights. This can be done either willingly, when a biological parent gives away the legal rights and responsibilities of parenthood, or unwillingly, in which the stepparent petitions the court to review what is in the best interests of the child.

Particularly when a biological parent is unwilling to terminate custody, stepparent adoption can be a complex and contentious process.

We are experienced adoption and family law attorneys who are capable and effective even during contentious proceedings.

Once the biological parent’s rights have been terminated, you can petition the court for adoption. Unfortunately, hurdles remain. You will have a home visit, for example, and a judge will examine whether the adoption will be in the best interests of the child.

We Can Help

The end result of an adoption proceeding is worth the effort. Our lawyers will aggressively defend your rights. We have significant experience in the courtroom, so you can rest assured that if disputes or complications arise, your interests will be well-represented before a judge.

If you have questions on stepparent adoption, or wish to speak to an adoption lawyer, call us at 706-303-0734. You may also briefly tell us about your issue confidentially here.


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