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Child Support Modification

We all want to provide for our children. In some cases, however, the amount of child support owed does not accurately reflect the current financial situation of you and your children.

You Can Modify Your Child Support To Reflect Significant Life Events

Life does not stop once a final court decree regarding child support is entered. Losing or changing jobs, or experiencing medical issues, may significantly change your financial situation.

When income, expenses and other matters affecting child support arise, you can petition the court for a modification of child support. Child support can either be reduced or raised as appropriate.

Generally, you can petition the court to modify child support if there has been a “substantial change in circumstances” in the financial condition of either parent or the needs of the child. These cases are typically associated with an increase or decrease in either parent’s income or employment. However, a number of other events may give grounds for a modification, including, but not limited to, a parent or child suffering a serious illness or a parent receiving a significant inheritance or money from other sources. A voluntary reduction in your income or a voluntary change to a lower-paying job are not generally considered a substantial change in circumstances.

We Are Meticulous In Preparation And Persuasive In Court

At Tisdale Middleton & Land, we will help your case by guiding you through the process and compiling evidence. Our child support attorneys can walk you through the petition and represent you in court. We will do everything in our power to put you in a position that better reflects your current financial circumstances.

To discuss whether a petition to modify child support is appropriate for your situation, call our lawyers today in our Evans, Georgia, office at 706-303-0734. Alternatively, you can schedule your consultation online.