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Your Relationship With Your Children Is Our First Priority

Experienced Child Custody Attorneys

Nothing is more important than your children. When involved in a custody dispute, our clients routinely ask us to ensure that their children are in a loving environment and that their relationship with them is preserved.

Our lawyers have spent years protecting the rights of parents in child custody disputes in Evans, Georgia. We will be vigorous advocates for you and your family.

We Will Defend Your Interests Aggressively

When it comes to child custody and visitation matters, it is important to understand the entire circumstances of the situation. A judge will look to any and all factors that will affect a child’s well-being in deciding custody matters. It is important to have on your side a child custody attorney who is well-versed in getting all of the relevant facts that will help the judge put your children in the best circumstances moving forward.

We fight for your rights in court so you can concentrate on maintaining your relationship with your children.

We Put Your Children First

We understand that the relationship you have with your children is sacrosanct. We will make every effort to preserve your relationship by fighting for your parental rights in and out of court. If necessary, we have the knowledge, resources and experience to fight aggressively through to trial.

When it comes to your children, you can trust our experience and courtroom advocacy to represent your interests with authority and compassion. We are trial lawyers with a history of success in the courtroom.

Whether you are looking for sole custody, joint custody or a modification of an existing child custody order, we can ensure you are aware of your rights and options.

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