How does your ex’s choice of childcare impact your children?

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2023 | Family Law

Following a divorce, most parents have to continue working. You can no longer rely on one another to be home with the children at all times. When you have joint custody, you can pick different forms of childcare from your ex.

If you and your spouse cannot agree on childcare within the parenting plan, it can result in disagreements later.

How childcare impacts your children

Children who have a babysitter, nanny or attend daycare do not have many developmental differences. All forms of childcare can have positive impacts on your kids. However, kids who participate in center-based childcare tend to have improved academic and language skills. However, kids in center-based care may show more behavioral problems at around age four.

How childcare impacts your kids may rely more on the specific daycare center or babysitter. You can look into any daycare or nanny your ex chooses. Likewise, your former spouse can look into your choices. If you notice poor reviews or do not trust the care, you should consider its impact on your children’s development.

How you can control who watches your children

To have control over your children’s care, make a point to include childcare in the parenting plan. You may want to include a provision where both of you must agree on a form of childcare and that both of you can refuse the other’s choice if it makes you uncomfortable.

Having provisions in your parenting plan to handle disagreements can make controlling who cares for your kids easier.