What is home repair fraud?

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2023 | Construction Litigation

Home repair projects can be critical to your ability to have a safe, functioning home. When looking for a contractor to take on your project, you expect that the person you hire will be trustworthy. While most contractors are legitimate, some will try to be deceptive to take your money.

Homeowners may have a case against those who commit home repair fraud, but before you can file a claim, you have to understand home repair fraud.

Types of home repair fraud

There are various types of home repair fraud. Some con artists want to take your money and leave without performing repairs. Likewise, they may charge you more than a fair value for repairs and then do a poor job. Others may not function as promised and leave you with more problems than you had.

Signs of home repair fraud

Some signs of home repair fraud do not necessarily mean that the contract has deceptive practices, but you should be on high alert if someone acts suspiciously or displays many of the signs of fraud.

Fraudsters may solicit door-to-door or may come to you claiming that they have leftover materials and can do your job at a discount. If you cannot find the contractor in a business directory, he or she may not be legitimate. Legitimate contractors should not pressure you to make a decision and will not suggest that you borrow money from a friend or lender with whom he or she has a relationship.

Be wary if a contractor asks you to only pay in cash and to pay everything upfront. Protect yourself by using a credit card or form of payment you can stop if necessary.