Types of wrongful deaths in construction and how to prevent them

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2023 | Wrongful Death

Wrongful deaths in the construction industry impact the lives of the victims’ families and coworkers. Accidents can lead to emotional, financial and legal complications.

In Georgia, construction companies and contractors are responsible for the wrongful death of a worker. Here are common causes of wrongful deaths in the construction industry.

Types of wrongful deaths

Construction sites are dangerous, but some accidents are more common than others.

Falls from heights are among the common causes of wrongful deaths. Inadequate fall protection measures, such as proper rigging and railings, result in accidents.

Electrical hazards are another concern on construction sites. Failure to address electrical risks, such as exposed wires and always on current, lead to fatalities.

Heavy equipment, vehicles or falling objects can strike workers. Equipment malfunctions and poor communication are other ways that workers get hurt.

Inadequate protective systems in trenches and excavations can lead to cave-ins, slides and fatalities.

Mishandling of heavy machinery and lack of training often results in fatal accidents with construction vehicles and equipment.

Prevention wrongful deaths

To reduce wrongful deaths in the construction industry, everyone must take proactive measures.

Safety training programs for construction workers, focusing on safe practices, will prevent accidents. Employers must follow federal and state safety regulations to provide a safe working environment.

Employees should conduct routine inspections to identify and address potential hazards. This includes things like trip and fall hazards, railings and equipment inspections.

Effective trip and fall protection measures can reduce fatalities. Railings, no-slip mats, signage and nonslip shoes are important to keep employees safe.

The construction industry had the second most accidents in 2021 out of any industry, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This industry can thrive while minimizing the risk of injury and death by taking adequate safety precautions.