Get an inspection whenever you’re constructing a new building

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2021 | Construction Litigation

Constructing a new house is complicated even if you’re using blueprints that were used for other buildings. Differences in the grading of the land or the way that the plumbing is laid out with the city can complicate seemingly simple issues, and you need to be able to trust your builder. Whenever you’re constructing a new building in Evans, Georgia, you need to get an inspection to make sure that the building will meet code and be structurally sound for years to come.

Types of inspections

There are three basic types of inspections that should be done. The first one is the inspection that happens before the foundation is even poured. In this phase, the inspector will check to make sure that the site has been graded and excavated properly. The second phase happens after the frame has been built, the windows are in, and the roof is on but before any sheetrock has been put in. During this phase, the inspector is looking to see if everything is structurally sound. The final phase is when the inspector checks the house to make sure that it’s ready for occupancy. Knowing these three stages is important whenever you want to make sure that the builder is within the rights and obligations of construction law.

Types of defects

There are several types of defects that a building could have. One of the most common ones is material deficiencies, which is when the wood, sheetrock or other material is of poor quality. Some of the other kinds include design defects, construction deficiencies and mechanical issues.

To get the most out of your building project, make sure you’re working with a construction company that is going through the proper processes. Getting the correct inspections at the right times is crucial in ensuring that the building is sound and that the construction is of high quality so that the building will last.